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I'll be sorting these by ship and rating! (I'll be adding some more in the next few days - and I'll try to keep adding to it, for now, lol. I still have a bunch in my to-read bookmarks!) I have @bookofstars to thank for a few of these. So, thank you, Izzy!

Beneath a cut because it's gotten lengthy -

(Yuuri/Victor, General rating thru Teen)
  • all the stars in the sky by Robin_Hoods (Rated T) (summary: morning cuddles)
  • alleyways and payphone calls by cafecliche (Rated G) (summary: yuuri and victors' travels and the concept of home. some anxiety cw.)
  • And Baby Makes Three by nevermetawolf (Rated T) (summary: yuuri and victor consider children. i'm a bit iffy on some of the communication stuff, but i enjoyed it - and i'm pretty picky about kidfic.)
  • At Daybreak by LemonScience33 (Rated T) (summary: half-awake morning chats)
  • Before It Burns Me Numb by ilarual (Rated G) (summary: basically expands on the idea that victor very much knew who yuuri was before meeting him at the banquet at sochi and probably crushed on him a little. also addresses victor's depression.)
  • Bliss by paintstroke (Rated T) (summary: just total domestic, sappy fluff in saint petersburg.)
  • came up soft like daybreak by brinnanza (Rated G) (summary: post episode 7 thoughts, yuuri POV.)
  • the curtain falls by metalkiralylany (Rated G) (summary: deals a bit with victor's depression and the reasons he decided to cut his hair.)
  • dear true love by cityboys (Rated T) (summary: AU. victor is a writer pretending to be on a break. yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break. they meet, somehow, in the backwaters of saga prefecture, japan.)
  • despite what you've been told by caseyvalhalla (Rated T) (summary: some character exploration from victor's POV (mostly) and how he comes to realize that his relationship with yuuri wasn't quite what he expected it to be, after arriving in japan to coach him.)
  • don't you dare look back [just keep your eyes on me] by aeriamamaduck (Rated T) (summary: yuuri and victor work through some wedding anxieties.)
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me by EmiAliceinWonderland (Rated G) (summary: five times yuuri falls asleep on victor.)
  • Easy on my Knees by ineptshieldmaid (Rated T) (summary: five times victor finds himself on his knees in front of yuuri. a lot of relationship development/thoughts!)
  • first light by midnightfreeway (Rated T) (summary: yuuri and victor take a much-needed vacation in okinawa.)
  • from a script i overanalyse by windupbirdgirl (Rated T) (summary: yuuri deals with his anxiety and adjusting to life in Saint Petersburg.)
  • #4ContsFigure by animaginaryquill (Rated G) (summary: just a fun, Instagram-style/social media fic! I LOVE SO MUCH that this fandom is taking SNS format fics and just running with them. IT'S GREAT and so fitting for the social media usage in the actual series.)
  • The Happiest I've Ever Been by rainingover (Rated T) (summary: 4 + 1 times Yuri and Victor were late to an event and one time they were early.)
  • Heartbeat by emilyenrose (Rated G) (summary: how the two gradually grow more accustomed to physical intimacy and sleeping together. (no sex involved.)
  • Hello, Young Lovers by senorbunnicula (Rated G) (summary: yakov is a grump but he doesn't really mind yuuri and victor being sappy that much.) (he'd never entirely admit that, though.)
  • Home Feels A Lot Like You by littleangels (Rated G) (summary: just some plain and simple post-series fluff.)
  • How to be a Good Husband by phoenixwings (Rated T) (summary: Victor has some difficulty in trying to figure out what to write for his wedding vows.)
  • How to Return Home by queenieofaces (Rated T) (summary: introspection on multilingualism and what constitutes as home.) (one of my top fave YOI fics, tbh.)
  • I wish I had a gentle mind and a spine made up of iron by coolangelsthesis (Rated G) (summary: mostly deals with yuuri's anxiety and panic attacks + victor learning how to be there for him.)
  • Insult to Injury by glim (Rated G) (summary: excessively floofy sickfic. yuuri comes down with a bad cold, and victor ends up spraining his ankle at practice. so they spend several days holed up at home looking after each other.)
  • kairosclerosis by celestialfics (Rated G) (summary: yuuri reflects on how living with victor is different, but good.)
  • katsuki_fc wrote by tetsurashian (Rated G) (summary: yuuri and victors' relationship development from the view of social media in their world. it's just super fun.)
  • #KissOrHug by Aurum (Rated G) (summary: post ep. 7 from phichit's pov!)
  • Last Train Home by ButtfliesAndPenguins (Rated G) (summary: post ep. 9 introspection and public transport feels.)
  • Like a River Flows by philatos (Rated T) (summary: yuuri and victor celebrate finally moving in together.)
  • Looking for a Rhythm Like You by Cesare (Rated T) (summary: a good longfic! basically an AU where victor and yuuri decide to fake a relationship after the events of the sochi banquet to keep up good publicity and avoid scandal. so much great pining and beautifully descriptive skating and lots of good victuuri convos! cw for some anxiety and depression issues.)
  • Memory by penversusswords (Rated T) (summary: just some post ep. 10 fluff.)
  • Minor Incidentals by aurons_fan (Rated G) (summary: the topic of coaching fees comes up again. post episode 12.)
  • a new day by aquamarine_nebula (Rated G but probably T) (summary: victor thinks about love as they work on unpacking in st. petersburg.)
  • once we were perfect strangers by spaceburgers (Rated G) (summary: post ep. 7 cuddling and talking)
  • Repeat After Me by queenieofaces (Rated T) (summary: more introspection on multilingualism.)
  • The Second Kiss by azriona (Rated T) (summary: post ep. 7, the aftermath, basically, lol.)
  • Sight of the Sun by cityboys (Rated T) (summary: honeymooning and world travel.)
  • sing me like a choir by jinlian (Rated T) (summary: post ep. 7 - thoughts about kissing.)
  • Soft Melodies by Yuechum (Rated G) (summary: post ep. 12 settling in with each other in saint petersburg.)
  • something else i can't explain by pearl_o (Rated T) (summary: just cute, slice of life saint petersburg stuff + yuuri taking makkachin for a walk.)
  • some things require leaving by idrilka (Rated T) (summary: post ep. 9. very tired mornings after travel and victor's thoughts on home. really lovely and probably another favorite of mine.)
  • specks of silver in the evening sky by winchilsea (Rated T) (summary: the more victor gets to know yuuri, the more he ends up taking care of him.)
  • Spotlight by twisting_vine_x (Rated T) (summary: post ep. 12. victor opens up a little more about his own insecurities.)
  • step into the clouds by windupbirdgirl (Rated G) (summary: post ep. 12 - yuuri and victor make plans to move in together in russia.)
  • Sunday Morning by jlauccky (Rated G) (summary: post ep. 12 fluffy oneshot.)
  • Tender Care by Sabinasan (Rated G) (set around ep 4. yuuri comes down with the flu and victor decides to look after him as well as reflect on his relationship with yuuri.)
  • Two Moons Falling by phollie (Rated T) (summary: yuuri and victor have a late-night talk about anxiety and the moon.) (thank you to Mer @aquamirage for the rec!!)
  • Variations on a Theme of Loneliness by sassively (Rated T) (summary: victor attempts to cope with yuuri being gone on a short trip. a little silly and sweet.)
  • you find your way back down by aeriamamaduck (Rated G) (summary: post ep. 12, yuuri and victor have a good talk about some insecurities. some depression and anxiety stuff.)

(Yuuri/Victor, Mature/Explicit)
  • Beautiful and New by threerings (Explicit) (summary: AU in which yuuri and victor actually have a one-night stand after the sochi banquet and keep texting each other after that, forming a long-distance relationship.)
  • boy next door by wingchestr (Explicit) (summary: in general, i'm massively picky about omegaverse, so this will likely be the only one i'll post to this list. it's essentially alpha!yuuri and omega!victor (the only A/B/O designations i'll accept for them, for various reasons, lmao) in a coffeeshop AU. it has some great moments of emotional intimacy and very good characterization and it's honestly one of the most beautifully tender and well-written A/B/Os I've ever read. It's totally worth a read.)
  • Call Everything on the Ice... by shysweetthing (Explicit) (summary: a great, longer fic! re. how victor begins to understand the meanings behind family and love after his move to hasetsu. victor takes up learning japanese, but can't quite bring himself to explain it to yuuri after he starts to overhear certain things. it's very sweet, lots of language feels! and i really enjoyed it!)
  • Changing Shapes by stardropdream (Explicit) (summary: yuuri works through some anxiety and insecurities and learns more about victor and more about himself once they start having sex. a really quiet, emotional and tender fic - very nicely written!)
  • Chinese Silver by MelfinaLupin (Rated M) (summary: post ep. 7, just some hotel room experimenting.)
  • Connections by Claramarla (Rated M) (summary: post ep. 12, some domestic settling in and getting used to sharing an apartment.)
  • Damage Control by aeriamamaduck (Explicit) (summary: post-series, yuuri and victor get drunk and have an important mystery to solve the next day.)
  • A Day in the Life by anditwasstinky (Explicit) (summary: post-series, victor has plans with yuuri, but keeps finding them interrupted throughout the day, much to his growing frustration. lol, just a cute, smutty fic.)
  • Don't Pause by mousapelli (Explicit) (summary: married, future!fic hotel smut.)
  • Edge Work - by glim (Explicit) (summary: lol the title is kinda... self-explanatory. it's very romantic and tender, too, though.)
  • empty spaces between stars by astudyinrose (Explicit) (summary: AU in which yuuri and victor end up eloping the night of the banquet and get married, only to forget the events the next day. they decide to stay married and fake a relationship for a few months to avoid a scandal. lol, it's a little silly, but the pining is so, so delicious and heart-wrenching.)
  • an ever-fixed mark by TrumpetGeek (Explicit) (summary: lots of wedding feels. it's so sweet and passionate and romantic - and the prose is lovely.)
  • A Few Words Long Past by loquaciousrenegade (Explicit) (summary: yuuri and victor have a talk about yuuri's poster collection.)
  • Get A Room, Just Not This One by chellethewriter (Rated M) (summary: five times yuri plisetsky walks in on yuuri and victor being grossly affectionate and one time he doesn't. just kind of utterly ridiculous comedy with a tiny bit of (eventually-resolved) angst.)
  • good mornings by kagome_angel (Explicit) (summary: days off are always a decent time for morning sex.)
  • Hasetsu Nights by cryingoverspilledvodka and lucycamui (Explicit) (summary: yuuri and victor indulge in some activities during the hasetsu summer festival, emphasis on indulge.)
  • he's my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds by wingchestr (Explicit) (summary: every gosh-danged tender smut and fluffy domestic feel you could want in a fic. it is lovely and they are head over heels in love and they wanna get married and it's so good.)
  • Homecoming (an anonymous gift for mousapelli) (Explicit) (summary: yuuri and victor bring omiyage home to hasetsu from russia. and also fool around a little.)
  • If I gave you my heart by espritneo (Explicit) (summary: post ep. 12. victor is still working on communicating and yuuri is kind of accidentally an asshole - or: the two learn more about the gives and takes of relationships.)
  • If it's You by Kiranokira (Explicit) (summary: post-series. i really liked this! there isn't much actual smut - just a lot of discussion of sex. (and some great discussion re. language.) yuuri starts considering a couple photoshoot with victor for a magazine, after victor takes up an interest in it. some side ships appear, too, but very briefly.)
  • In Between Sweetness and Sensuality by wartransmission (Explicit) (summary: just a nice PWP!)
  • In St. Petersburg by riventhorn (Rated M) (summary: just some nicely mellow, domestic slice of life stuff with a little bit of smut.)
  • in the heat where you lay by wingchestr (Explicit) (summary: post ep. 7, some first-time-together smut.)
  • In the Soft Moonlight by phoenixwaller (Explicit) (summary: post ep. 12, yuuri and victor work off some pre-competition jitters.)
  • i will say that we should take a day to break away by anirondack (Explicit) (summary: after victor overworks himself in practice for several weeks, quickly trying to get back into the swing of skating, yuuri notes that he is in dire need of a break and decides to make it a pleasant one for him. some slight BDSM.)
  • janken by anirondack (Explicit) (summary: they play a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide on who gets to take the lead and come to a very satisyfying compromise.)
  • (Tbh, the whole 10 Kinks Challenge by anirondack is pretty good.)
  • just us together by aeriamamaduck (Explicit) (summary: post ep. 12, the two open up a little more about some things and victor makes an important decision. also, some good, good tender (slight) BDSM sex. some discussions of depression.)
  • Kiss Me Instead by FreelanceDreamer (Rated T) (summary: post ep. 12 GPF, sorta drunkish, almost-smut.)
  • Let Me Get Close Enough and And I Will Sing a Song for You by stardropdream (Explicit) (summary: set around ep. 4 - yuuri and victor and lots of pining. so much pining.)
  • Late Night Confessions by Kashiimaz (Explicit) (summary: post ep. 12, yuuri reflects on love and firsts.)
  • Maybe It Started Like This by dance_across (Explicit) (summary: post ep. 9 first time feels, from victor's POV, and lots of discussions on self-identity.)
  • a million miles from your desperate days by idrilka (Rated M) (summary: post ep. 12. a year in the life of living and training together in their new home.)
  • my sugar and gold by thisdorkyficthing (Explicit) (summary: PWP - victor and yuuri are working on unpacking and victor finds a very interesting item in one of yuuri's boxes...)
  • No Less Unthinkable by rageprufrock (Explicit) (summary: WOW. Quite possibly one of my other top favorite YOI fics. It's very long, but absolutely worth the read. Mostly documents Yuuri's total inability to handle being inebriated and his love life (or lack thereof) and how his relationship develops with Victor. + GREAT development re. their relationships with their friends and family as well. SO GOOD. I could gush a lot more about this fic and the fantastic details, but I'll leave it at this.)
  • no more going half the way by idrilka (Explicit) (summary: post ep. 12 GPF + some thoughts about their future together.) (but mostly PWP, lol.)
  • Oh - before you go... by paintstroke (Explicit) (summary: yuuri taking on more of a dom role, here. slight BDSM.)
  • Private Performance by theblackdash (Explicit) (summary: yuuri and victor take up practicing pole dancing together. the fic author has taken some pole classes, so it's pretty nicely informative about that. + some good 'ol sexual tension and smut.)
  • Settling In by darkfire75 (Explicit) (summary: just some fluffy smut while settling down together in saint petersburg.)
  • sing me like a choir by casscaixn (Explicit) (summary: yuuri takes a little more initiative this time around - which suits victor just fine.)
  • Spicy Katsudon by thelonelywriter (Explicit) (summary: slow, lazy morning sex? it's cute.)
  • somebody i can kiss by wingchestr (Explicit) (summary: yuuri and victor miss each other after having to spend some time apart at nationals and decide to skype.)
  • So Stinking Romantic by youaremarvelous (Rated M) (summary: 5 times domestic bliss wasn't entirely what yuuri or victor expected it to be. this fic is not for the squeamish - it's frankly pretty gross lmaooo (some big warnings for bodily function stuff/food poisoning/etc.) but it's also hilariously endearing and makes it very clear that love really does mean being there for someone in sickness and in heath.)
  • Starchild by monstersinthecosmos (Explicit) (summary: this one is a personal favorite. <3 victor takes yuuri out on a late-night adventure/date and yuuri learns a little more about his fiance. it's such a beautiful and emotional and quiet fic.)
  • that none do slacken; none can die (Explicit) (summary: another morning sex fic but on the much more sultry side.)
  • Three Sheets to the Wind by mousapelli (Explicit) (summary: three times yuuri and victor 'break in' different beds and one time they actually break one. cute and hilarious, tbh.)
  • the v card by fan_nerd (Explicit) (summary: the whole 'victor is definitely still a virgin' headcanon thing, lol. p much just the two of them taking things slowly and experimenting.)
  • We Share a Common Interest (Rated M) (summary: post ep. 12, yuuri talks with victor about their meeting in sochi - and decides to demonstrate a little more of his dancing skills.)
  • what are you doing with your whole life by pearl_o (Rated M) (summary: yuuri and victor spend their last night in barcelona together.)
  • When The Lights Go Down by thisdorkyficthing (Explicit) (summary: more katsuki yuuri domming the heck out of his very willing and pliant fiance, victor nikiforov.)
  • Winter Song by proantagonist (Explicit) (summary: a lot of relationship introspection from both POVs + the development of their sex life and relationship! The later chapters improve a whole lot, too and they're totally worth the wait. multi-chaptered.)
  • Yellow Roses by moonpride (Explicit) (summary: victor loves to (pretty deliberately) bring out yuuri's more possessive side.)
  • the warmest part of winter by dadvans (Rated M) (summary: post ep. 12. yuuri and victor work out all the messy details of getting married and yuri plisetsky has a slight emotional crisis.)
  • your love was handmade (for somebody like me) by wingchestr (Explicit) (summary: a series of smutty vignettes. they're all pretty good! and i like this author's YOI work a lot.)
  • your warm whispers by aeriamamaduck (Explicit) (summary: post ep. 12, victor is exhausted from practice and yuuri decides to treat him a little. just nice, slow, feelingsy smut.)

(Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin, General rating thru Teen)
  • Back and Forth by kiyala (Rated G) (summary: yuri convinces otabek to get snapchat. lots of pining and fluff with some additional appearances by victor and yuuri.)
  • Favorites by kiyala (Rated G) (summary: otabek visits yuri in saint petersburg and can't help but feel nervous.)
  • fever dreams by 77735 (Rated T) (summary: otabek comes down with a fever and yuri looks after him.)
  • Five Hours to Almaty by Charmsilver (Rated G) (summary: yuri takes a much-needed vacation to kazakhstan. pet death cw for this one. but it's very sweet.)
  • Five Things Yuri Plisetsky Loves Very Loudly (and a quiet one who loves him back) by Rosie_Rues (Rated T) (summary: the title sums it up pretty well, haha.)
  • Four times Yuri hates love on the ice (and one time he sort of doesn't) by rinsled05 (Rated T) (summary: pretty much just what the title implies.)
  • Have not. Will not. by mongoose_bite (Rated G) (summary: yuri is determined to never fall in love.)
  • If At First You Don't Succeed by VioletOrchid18 (Rated T) (summary: yuri's (slightly desperate) attempts to get otabek to notice him.)
  • it's better than i ever knew by Bosky (Rated T) (summary: yuri and otabek keep up their growing relationship through social media.)
  • the kids are alright by aeriamamaduck (Rated T) (summary: yuri takes a risk and sends a text that could potentially end his friendship with otabek. He ends up at yuuri and victors' apartment, anxiously but reluctantly seeking advice.)
  • Kiss Him When I Should Have by violetchachkii (Rated G) (summary: yuri has a giant, awkward teen crush on his new friend.)
  • like japanese bread by marochre (Rated T) (summary: yuri and otabek visit hasetsu for some training with yuuri and victor, and take some new steps in their relationship. it doesn't go unnoticed.)
  • on the verge of running into your arms by hitsugi_zirkus (Rated G) (summary: otabek decides to learn more about yuri, and yuri acts a little differently around otabek than he does around most people.)
  • Small Insecurities by rainingover (Rated T) (summary: yuri takes a tabloid article about his 'unlikely friendship' with otabek a little too much to heart.)
(Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin, Mature/Explicit)
  • don't call him out on it by Blownwish (Explicit) (summary: they go for a hot chocolate date. + some smut.)
  • Half a Chance by ratherunnecessary (Rated M) (summary: yuri doesn't deal with his one-sided crush on yuuri terribly well, particularly once yuuri and victor get married. but yuri also finds himself texting otabek a lot. a little dramatic, but a good, long slow-burn.)
  • i walk my days on a wire by idrilka (Explicit) (summary: long-distance relationship feels.)
  • If I Ever Get the Nerve by FakePlasticSnow (Rated M) (summary: after five years, otabek attempts to work up the courage to propose to yuri.)
  • i'd still dance with you by hawberries (Rated M) (summary: at the winter olympics yuri and otabek finally decide to do the do, but not without some minor complications.)
  • One Hundred by kiyala (Explicit) (summary: otabek visits yuri in russia and yuri is determined to kiss him one hundred times in a day.)
  • Sharing a Room by xslytherclawx (Rated M) (summary: after a few years, most people begin to assume that yuri and otabek are already in a relationship due to how close they are - but they haven't quite crossed that line yet.)
(Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino)
  • let's freefall by celestialfics (Rated T) (mila and sara form a friendly rivalry, and maybe something more.)
  • flung out of space by rhapsodies (Rated T) (mila meets sara and sorts out her feelings about her as the years go by.)
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