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I had to put this together a little better, so I'm sorry it took me a while to get this up! It's not really ordered very specifically, sorry about that.

I've also compiled a list of BL recs, which can be found HERE.

A list of F/F-oriented manga and anime I've personally enjoyed, complete with links:

Honey and Honey - by Takeuchi Sachiko. Summary: It's a tad outdated now, but it still holds together well enough and is still nicely informative. It's a mostly autobiographical manga about living as a lesbian, and the LGBT community, in Japan. (complete)

Our Journey to Lesbian Motherhood - by Higashi Koyuki, Masuhara Hiroko and Sugiyama Emiko. Summary: A more up-to-date autobiographical manga. Koyuki and Hiroko were married just a few years ago and got a civil partnership from the Shibuya Ward in Tokyo. (Only a few places around Japan offer this, currently.) They started up an LGBT counseling business in order to educate more people on LGBT issues. And (if the title is any indication) the manga goes into depth about them trying to start up a family and offers insight as to how LGBT people can do so in Japan. (in-progress) (tw for some homophobic experiences and struggles, mentions of abuse.) (And, lol, do be patient with it - it's worth a read - and they do call out some problematic ideas they'd had later on.)

Husky and Medley - by Kurosada. Summary: Based on a true story about two high school girls who met on some online messageboards and started up a relationship. It's a bit older (2009) but, apparently, the girls were still confirmed together as of recently.

Aoi Hana - by Shimura Takako. Summary: To be honest, I have very mixed feelings about this manga. I liked the characters, but there's a lot of love triangle drama and a lot of drama between various other characters. Fumi and Akira were childhood friends and they meet back up again as high schoolers, quickly becoming friends once again. Then Fumi begins dating a very cool and popular upperclasswoman who attends Akira's school. (tw for incest (two girl cousins) and some sexual harassment and a few creepy moments from some dudes.) (complete)

After Hours - by Nishio Yuuta. Summary: The reserved and shy Emi is not fond of clubbing or noisy crowds but gets dragged to one and then left behind by one of her friends. However, while there, she meets the ridiculously cool lesbian, Kei, who happens to be a DJ. And things progress from there! The manga has been licensed, so please do buy it as well! (tw: cheating? Emi is apparently already in a relationship with a guy, but they seem to be having issues/aren't talking and will likely separate.) (in progress)

Aqua Blue Cinema
- by Otsu Hiyori. Summary: A teen actress, Yui, ends up in a situation that is mistaken for a suicide attempt, and is 'rescued' by another girl, Aki. However, in the process, Yui loses a valuable keepsake and decides to take Aki on as an assistant in order to repay her. (possible tw for the false suicide attempt.) (complete)

- by Otsu Hiyori. Summary: A series of yuri oneshots. (complete)

Othello - by Otsu Hiyori. Summary: Two girls who are quite opposite from each other start exploring their feelings for one another. (complete)

Otsu Hiyori has also written a number of other oneshots, which can be found HERE.

Under One Roof
- by Fujio. Summary: A simple slice of life about two roommates, one of whom is openly gay and has some gay friends, and the other who is questioning. (not sure on the status of this)

Fujio also has other oneshots HERE.

Girl's Ride - by Isomoto Tsuyoshi. Summary: I really liked this manga!! Sort of a slice of life about high school girls who like girls and their motorcycle adventures, traveling around the coastline. (complete)

Hirari Anthology 2 - various artists. Summary: A few after-school-club oneshots! A supernatural society, a gardening club and a retired magical girl in colorguard. (tw for dissociation, suicide mentions.) (complete)

I'll Send Her Home on the Last Train - by Amagakure Gido. Summary: Some two-parters and oneshots! (complete)

Amagakure Gido also has a number of other oneshots HERE, and has also written some BL, as well as Amaama to Inazuma, about a single dad learning how to cook with the help of some friends, which was made into an anime. (Idk if I'd rec the manga for it, though?)

Wife and Wife/Fu-Fu - by Minamoto Hisanari. Summary: Mostly just purely ridiculous comedy fluff about a lesbian couple living together and their friends + relations. It's pretty silly, but it's a nice, distracting read. (complete)

Stretch - by Higashiyama Shou. Summary: It's more of a jousei, with hints that the women in the story might become something more. Two old high school acquaintances run into each other as adults and decide to become roommates. One is working toward becoming a physical therapist, so they practice stretching together, and learn a lot about one another in the process. (tw for past abuse, miscarriage, divorce, natural disasters (the 2011 tsunami) and family death in the tsunami.) (complete)

Prism - by Higashiyama Shou. Summary: Megu had a brief, summer romance, a few years earlier, with a boy named Hikaru. When she enters high school, she runs into Hikaru once again, only to realize that she'd been mistaking Hikaru for a boy all that time and that Hikaru is actually a girl. They also realize that they still have feelings for each other. (tw for some homophobic harassment.) (complete)

Jewels - by M K. Summary: Just a oneshot about lesbians growing old together. ADORABLE.

Koigokoro Metronome - by Ohsawa Yayoi. Summary: High school band rivals begin to grow closer after they run into each other after practice one day. (complete)

Love Letters - by Hirone Shii. Summary: A flowery, romantic schoolgirl oneshot.

Animal - Summary: Just a cute, and sorta furry, pair of oneshots.

Sayonara Folklore
- by Kazuma Kowo. Summary: An urban legend surrounds a girl's school: long ago, pair of students who became lovers committed suicide together on a Monday. Since then, it's been taboo for girls to start up relationships at the school, and if any girl touches another on a Monday, they have to recite an incantation to ward off the curse - or the same incident might happen again. Hayase, a longtime student at the school, and the new, troublemaking transfer student, Mashiro, decide to risk it. (tw for suicide, homophobia, vague? incest.) (complete) (It all ends happily, though, just ftr!)

Kase-san - by Takashima Hiromi. Summary: A VERY CUTE story about a slightly timid girl who tends the high school gardens and her high school track star girlfriend. Lots of kissing and fluff. It's also being licensed in English, so please do buy the manga! (tw for some possible relationship misunderstandings/sort of one-sided love triangle thing that doesn't go anywhere. (it's fine, lol.) (complete) (there's also a short OVA)

The Private Report on my Lesbian Experience With Loneliness - by Nagata Kabi. Summary: An autobiographical manga about the mangaka's realization of her lesbianism. It's very candid and very interesting and introspective. (tw for major depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, OCD and trichotillomania, abandonment issues, possibly some uncomfortable discussions of sex, family issues.) (in progress)

Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep - by Mizutani Fuuka. Summary: Two young women with the same name, the tough, tall Kakimoto Imari and the petite and cute Kakimoto Imari, meet under very odd, coincidental circumstances at a hospital, each with a similar injury. They hit it off, eventually, and start becoming close and are very mutually supportive and admire one another a lot! It's so sweet and very feelingsy. (tw for a very abusive relationship with another character, self harm.) (complete)

Like a Cinderella - by Mizutani Fuuka. Summary: A collection of oneshots. All very good! (complete)

Oniyuri-san and Himeyuri-san - by Hazuki Ryo. Summary: The student council secretary and student council president are, apparently, total opposites - and because of this they're reluctant to open up about their relationship. Just kind of a comedic and sweet oneshot. (complete)

Their Story/Tamen de Gushi - by Tan Jiu. Summary: It's a Chinese webcomic and not a manga. I LOVE THIS SERIES A WHOLE LOT. The super athletic and energetic Sun Jing falls almost immediately for a sweet and slightly more reserved girl she meets often at the bus stop, Qiu Tong, who attends another high school. They eventually become very close friends and get tangled up in a lot of their friends' and school shenanigans. There's also a side, gay male couple, sorta, lol. It's well written, has a lot of EXCELLENT comedy and also does a great job of exploring the characters and their emotions. I'D SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. (in progress)

Magan & Danai - by Ermuzibu. Summary: Another Chinese webcomic. It's more on the autobiographical side and mostly just documents the comic artist and her girlfriends' daily lives. It's usually pretty cute! (sort of in progress - the translations have stopped since the author will be publishing the comics soon)

The Conditions for Paradise - by Morishima Akiko. Summary: Sumi is an easygoing, world-traveling writer, never quite setting down roots anywhere for long and Sally is a slightly more serious and ~proper~ office lady. They've been friends since high school, but only recently began dating. They start trying to figure out the give-and-take and boundaries in their relationship. Upbeat and sweet, for the most part. (complete)

Love Flower - by Morishima Akiko. (Just the first three chapters.) Summary: An older lesbian couple takes a budding high school lesbian couple under their wings, reflecting on their own romance and patiently watching the ups and downs of teen romance. Cute, humorous and a nice, thoughtful look on relationship growth. (complete)

Morishima Akiko also has a number of other manga and oneshots! (And an anime adaptation and some doujinshi as well.) Just be warned - there are a few age gap relationships in some. The Dynasty site labels them as such, though!

Futaribeya! - by Yukiko. Summary: Shoujo-ai, so the relationship is pretty ambiguous. It's a comedic slice of life about two high school girls living at a boarding school as roommates. One is lethargic and lazy and the other is a bit of an overachiever, but they manage to get along very well and practically act like an old, married couple. Their relationship is a tad codependent, lol, but it's more of a comedy than anything else. (in progress)

Nijiro Secret - by Matsushita Mai. Summary: A collection of oneshots. (complete)

Dark Forest, White Road - by Yoshida Chiyu. Summary: A depressed high school girl meets another girl around her same age while out on a walk and learns that the girl is blind. They begin meeting up together at a nearby park to simply talk about things together, although the depressed young woman still has reservations and anxiety about making friends. It's sort of bittersweet. (tw for depression, social anxiety, bullying? and dysfunctional families) (complete)

Shimanami Tasogare - by Kamatani Yuhki. (Mangaka of Nabari no Ou.) Summary: Not exactly a yuri, but it's a very well done manga about LGBT people in Japan. The main character is a gay, male high school student with a crush on a fellow classmate. After worrying that he's been outed as gay, he attempts suicide, only to be stopped by the owner of a nearby lounge/cafe. At the lounge, there are a number of other LGBT people and couples, each with their own stories. (Including a lesbian couple, a questioning/possibly transgirl and a transman who has made full transition, so far.) I've honestly never seen a manga handle LGBT issues so thoughtfully or sincerely. The sense of an LGBT community within the lounge and the surrounding housing development area is also really amazing and very meaningful. The mangaka is nonbinary, apparently, and really goes into detail with some emotions and problems and I absolutely love it and appreciate that aspect of it tons. It's just SO well done. I'm not sure how things might turn out, but, at least, this early part of the manga is excellent. (tw for homophobia, transphobia, internalized phobias, suicidal ideation, body dysphoria... i'm not sure what else.) (in progress)


Yama no Susume (seasons 1 | 2) Summary: Shoujo-ai about a group of girls who go on hiking trips together. Very slice of life and sweet with some pretty scenery. The first season isn't as great quality, but the second season is longer and has much more improved animation. It's a little on the moe side, but it's not bad. (complete)

K-On! (seasons 1 | 2) Summary: Yui joins the after school 'light music club' in the hopes that 'light' means it will entail little work. However, she soon finds herself singing and playing lead guitar in an all-girl rock band. Mostly just easygoing, high school slice of life with some fun music mixed in. (And KyoAni animation is always very pretty.) Re. shipping: all of the girls either have some interest in each other or have some interest in f/f relationships, but it's very subtle. I'd kinda say it's what KyoAni has done with Free! Kinda baity/intended for audiences who look for that, unforch. But, that aside, it's still a fun watch.) (complete)

Amanchu! - Summary: A breezy, oceanic shoujo-ai. It's very relaxing and quiet! Futaba moves to a small, seaside town and meets the very energetic and cheerful Hikari, who inspires her to try learning how to scuba dive. They both grow very close and join their high school diving club and have some fun escapades together. It's mostly just a lot of soft fluff, lol. There IS a confession at the end of the anime between the two girls, which is nice? I guess. (complete) (There is a manga as well, but I haven't read it and I can't really vouch for it.)

Non Non Biyori (seasons 1 | 2) Summary: Also in the same vein of shoujo-ai. Hotaru moves from Tokyo to a very tiny town in the country, where there are so few students her age that they all hold school in the same classroom. (And she falls pretty hard for another girl in her class. It doesn't really go anywhere, though, and they're both still pretty young/middle school age.) It's mostly a lot of running around the (gorgeous btw.) countryside and having day-to-day adventures. (complete)

Revolutionary Girl Utena - Summary: After meeting a prince as a child, who left her with the gift of a ring, Utena has vowed to become a prince herself for most of her life. She starts attending a prestigious academy where she meets others with similar rings, and finds that they will have to duel for the prize of the Rose Bride - one of their fellow students, Anthy Himemiya. (some major tw for suicide, suicidal ideation, emotional manipulation, abuse, incest, sexual abuse, sexual assault and strobe warnings for some of the animation.) (complete)

Sailor Moon - Summary: A true classic and the most well-known magical girl series on the planet. Tsukino Usagi is a bit lazy and sort of a scaredy-cat and she doesn't always get great grades, but she's suddenly thrust into the world of a superheroine, along with several friends and classmates, and must do all she can in order to save the world. There are some major shoujo-ai themes, and a very popular side gay couple between Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.) (complete)

Taishou Yakyuu Musume - Summary: Based on a series of novels - a short, cute, spunky and energetic girl’s sports anime set in Tokyo’s Taishō period. (About the mid-1920’s, within the story.) Has a 'League of Their Own’ feel to it. A young girl, Koume, finds herself forcefully dragged into playing baseball by a determined classmate named Akiko. (The sport, at the time, was dominated by men and considered quite improper for women.) Focuses quite a lot on feminism re. sports! And the adoption of some Western ideals of feminism from a teacher from the U.S. Akiko is set on proving her fiancé wrong after he made an offhand and extremely sexist comment at a party. She decides to challenge his school baseball team to a match. The only problem for Koume and Akiko, now, is finding a team willing to play… and learning the rules of the game. A pretty delightful, exciting and funny narrative with lots of cool ladies. Overall, what is gained in the end is what makes the series satisfying - that women have a place in sports and that they can compete on the exact same level as men. (tw: for sexism - which is presented as such during the story. As well as a sort of obnoxious Nice Guy. (Also presented and acknowledged by the story as an obnoxious Nice Guy and he is NOT victorious in the end, just FYI.) (Shipping: Kind of complicated. The series does have some blatant shoujo-ai tones between the main girls, but, ultimately, settles for another couple, which, tbh, I was rather disappointed by. (Even though they are a little cute together.) However, there is a side gay ship, too.) (complete)

Nonbinary, genderfluid:

Kuragehime - (there's also an anime and a live action film.) Summary: Firstly, Kuranosuke, is not really certain about his gender (although he does often use male pronouns when referring to himself.) I'm not really sure how to best explain it? It's mostly implied that he's an otokonoko. However, Kuranosuke does question his gender later on in the manga and does wonder about whether he'd prefer to live as a woman or a man. (He hasn't settled on anything yet and kind of comes to view himself as neither?) I'm reluctant to use any Western labels, but Kuranosuke could possibly be interpreted as genderfluid or nonbinary. And mostly prefers to wear femme clothing, makeup and wigs, although he does occasionally wear other things.
The story focuses on a socially anxious young woman, Tsukimi, who is an amateur illustrator and jellyfish fanatic, her equally nerdy friends who live in the same old apartment complex with her, and Kuranosuke, whose father and older brother are politicians, but he's striving to become a fashion designer rather than follow in their footsteps. When they learn their apartment complex is is going to be torn down by those same politicians and a greedy, woman real estate agent, they realize they will have to take action to save it. By beginning their own fashion line. The creator, Higashimura Akiko, is one of my favorite mangaka and it's such a fun, colorful and lively story with a lot of interesting insight into capitalism and the fashion industry. Tsukimi and Kuranosuke seem to be endgame, but there are some love triangles here and there with Kuranosuke's older brother. (Who is a decent, though clueless, dude, lol.) (tw for some homophobia and transphobia, a faked rape and suicide on the part of a female antagonist, sexual harassment... and I can't quite remember if there's anything else.) (in progress)

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