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Uhhhh, thought I'd make a quick list of trigger warnings for this series!!!!!!! Because it's very trigger heavy!

The entire series centers around a sexual harassment incident and lawsuit. The protagonist, Tanaka Tamako, learns that her friend was the victim of an assault at their workplaces within a restaurant chain, via the restaurant's CEO and some of his staff. Tanaka was harassed, (although not to such a degree) herself, too. She quits and attempts to get back at the CEO by building her own restaurant directly across from his and making sure that hers does better.

There are also examples of: homophobia and transphobia, which are called out. Oshimazuki IDs as gay and not trans, in his own words - in response to someone assuming he was trans, and prefers to wear mostly femme clothing. He gets some really good moments later in the series! (And his brother is great and supportive of him!!)

Also, some dysfunctional relationships, some sexual nonconsent, LOTS of workplace sexism, misogyny and internalized misogyny (which is focused on and called out and very much addressed) mental illness and severe depression, hikikomori lifestyle, parental neglect and abandonment, several physically and mentally abusive relationships - a woman getting repeatedly stalked and beaten by a fellow male co-worker at one point, women getting felt up, divorces and child custody issues.

There's not really any good romance/no endgame, but some relationships are worked out and some apologies are made by some characters. Tanaka's friend, who was the assault victim, does end up in a very kind and good relationship, though, and her husband fully sticks by her and supports her later throughout some really tough things. So that part was super great. <33

Basically, it does a great job at bringing this stuff to light and really carries through on it!!! (HONESTLY, YOU FEEL LIKE CHEERING OVER SOME OF THE GOOD, KICKASS STUFF THAT HAPPENS + JERK DUDES GETTING THEIR BUTTS HANDED TO THEM) But it is difficult subject matter to get through, so this is just FYI!!

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